Claiming Compensation From the Government: Federal Installations?

Claiming Compensation From the Government: Federal Installations


It started as a normal day.

The man woke up, ate breakfast, and headed out the door. The first thing on his list of errands was to pay his parking ticket at the courthouse. As he began to go up the steps and open the door, everything appeared normal because he was unable to see the large crack on the top step that caused some loose concrete to crack and brake off as soon as his foot applied pressure to it. This caused the man to fall backwards down the remaining steps he had just climbed. He broke one of his legs, and now has a back injury that will cause him discomfort for the remainder of his life. He was left feeling alone and with a lot of questions.


How fast will you see results?

You will want to be patient because with any legal process, you will not see the money overnight for your injuries. Once your attorney has submitted your claim for the accident, then the agency is given up to six months to review it.


Who can help with this process?

If you want to ensure that your claim is properly tended to, then it would be smart to get an accident lawyer in New York involved from the very beginning. Finding an accident lawyer in New York can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Harnick and Harnick make it easy for you to reach out and inquire about any questions and concerns you may have. They know that your situation requires time and attention and they make sure to give you everything you need in order to get the compensation you deserve. Call them today at 212-962-5065 for a FREE consultation.

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