Suing the Government for Negligence Lawsuits

Suing the Government For Negligence: 


Has something like this ever happened to you?

A woman driving down the turnpike noticed a car parked in the distance. It appeared to be on the shoulder, but as she got closer she realized that it actually was not completely to the side, and part of the vehicle was blocking a good portion of the road. There was a truck driving on the other side of her making it impossible to move to the left. Her only option was to sideswipe the unlit police car.

Everything happened so fast. As she was rushed to the emergency room, she was just thankful to be alive, but she knew she had been wronged by the improper parking of this car on the shoulder. She had heard of instances like this before and knew some ended in death or life changing injuries. So she wanted to take action so she contacted an experienced New York accident lawyer.


What should you do?

Well, because this kind of act was negligent and the person who parked the car did not take the action to have everyone’s reasonable care in mind, then the place to look is the FTCA. The Federal Tort Claims Act will have some limitations depending on your specific case, but if your case falls within their guidelines, then you can get payment for injuries, property loss, or death. Next, you will need to file a claim. If you need any further information be sure to contact an accident lawyer in New York.


How do you file a claim?

There is a standard government claim form called Standard 95. This form will guide you to provide the information that is necessary to file your claim. You will be asked some basic information about yourself, as well as being asked to give some brief descriptions of the accident that occurred.


When should you file the claim?

The sooner you file this claim the better. You don’t want to wait when filing a claim against the government because, not only will it prolong the entire process, but the delay in filing could be addressed by the court. You’ll want to be as prompt as possible. However, there are many reasons why a claim was not filed immediately and you’ll want to note those as they occur. Contact a New York accident lawyer today to get the process started.


Do you need a New York accident lawyer?

While some people do choose to represent themselves, it is not recommended. When you go through something like a traumatic accident that results in injury or death, you want to be sure you have someone on your side that knows the letter of the law and is on top of their game. They can also help you take those next steps if you did not file your claim immediately.


Harnick and Harnick are accident lawyers in New York and have helped many people who have been injured by a government vehicle and while every case is unique, they take every case seriously and work hard to ensure you get the money you deserve. It doesn’t matter whether you were struck by a police car while crossing the street, or you lost a family member due to negligent driving and parking, your case will be reviewed with the utmost respect and they will work towards a resolution that will help ease your pain.

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