The Bar Brawl: Can I recover?

The Bar Brawl: Can I recover?


A celebration turns ugly.

A couple were at a bar watching a football game when a group came in and sat beside them. Soon the group was heavily involved in a birthday celebration and shots were being passed around. However, once the band began to play, the group got rowdy and two of the men started to argue. The couple realized the stress of the situation and as they moved away from the rowdy bunch of people, a bottle flew across the room and smashed open on the man’s leg as he guided the woman out of the way. Thus began the altercation between him and another patron.


When the protection available is limited or non-existent.

There are many arguments that can happen in public places, and a bar is no exception. When tensions get flared and protective measures come in to play, you can expect to see some injuries paired with these situations. Having an accident attorney in New York who understands the laws that protect you is going to be crucial in getting compensation for your specific situation.

If you have received an injury in a bar such as having a bottle thrown at you, tried to break up a fight, or even been physically mistreated by an employee of the establishment, you know that this can have effects on your work life, as well as your personal life. You should be provided with protection in bars from those who over indulge and act out. You may have a few questions for your New York accident lawyer if this has happened to you.


Can you rely on the staff of the establishment the incident took place in?

When it comes to the security of a bar, it can be hard to tell how much the establishment is able to protect you against unforeseen acts. There are times when a bar does not staff the proper amount of security guards, or doesn’t install the accurate measures in their buildings to protect you. Even if you are told, by a staff member, there is no need to involve anyone outside of the bar on the matter(may need to involve the police take this out), you should call your New York accident lawyer and get advised on the proper action to take. It’s the bar owners job to provide you with a safe environment.


When should you contact your accident lawyer in New York?

You should contact your New York accident lawyer right away. If you don’t have a New York accident lawyer, then you should start to find one. Harnick and Harnick Personal Injury Attorneys at Law offer services in accidents that happen in a bar and locations that serve alcohol, and they want to listen to your side of the story. Having an accident lawyer in New York that is on your side is key to having a successful case. Communication and honesty are the best places to start and that’s why you should call today.

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