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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) note that 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs each year. Of these 4.5 million bites, 885,000 require medical attention. As recently as 2006, 31,000 people were forced to undergo reconstructive surgery to repair the damage caused by dog bites.

There’s no doubt Americans love their dogs more than ever – increasing numbers of families own one or multiple dogs. Most of the time, dogs are wonderful pets and help you and your family enjoy life more.

But what do you do when someone else’s dog bites and severely injures you or a family member?

ortunately, you have a kind, caring, and compassionate personal injury lawyer ready and willing to help you at Harnick & Harnick. When you contact us online or by phone at 212.962.5065 for your FREE CASE REVIEW, one of our accident lawyers in New York will review all the details of your case and determine if or how to pursue it in court.

Who is Most at Risk for Dog Bites and Attacks?

Dogs do have tendencies in who they choose to attack. According to the CDC, these groups are more likely than others to be attacked:

  • Children, especially children ages 5 – 9
  • Adult males
  • People with dogs in their homes
  • Multiple dogs within the same home

How to Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe from Dog Bites and Attacks

Ultimately, while you cannot completely prevent dog attacks from happening to you or your loved ones, you can take certain steps to reduce the chances of an attack occurring. Following are some steps you or your family members might take to minimize your likelihood of being the victim of a dog attack:

  • Always supervise children playing with a dog, even if the dog is yours
  • Hold still and allow strange dogs to see and smell you when first meeting them
  • Roll into a ball and lie still like a dog if one knocks you over or becomes aggressive
  • Never make direct eye contact with a dog
  • Do not approach dogs you don’t know – only do so when the owner is present
  • Never leave infants alone with a dog
  • If adopting or buying, spend time with the dog and get to know it. If the dog seems aggressive, don’t be afraid to consider a different dog.
  • If your child seems afraid of dogs, help him or her build their confidence before owning a dog.
  • If you own a dog, avoid playing games which encourage aggressive behavior from the dog.
  • Teach submissive behaviors to you dog, such as rolling over and giving up food or toys without growling.
  • Spay or neuter any dogs entering your home.
  • Talk with a professional about the status of your family’s home and which breeds may fit your living circumstances the best.

Harnick & Harnick Helps You with any Dog Bite or Attack Cases

Even though you may follow these safety tips carefully, the simple fact remains it’s not possible to prevent every dog attack. You may go out on a run or walk and you neighbor may not keep their aggressive dog on a chain or fenced in. If you believe you are the victim of a dog bite or attack resulting from careless behavior on the part of the owner, contact Harnick & Harnick’s accident lawyers in New York online or by phone at 212.962.5065. We will aggressively investigate and pursue your case in court, helping you receive the just legal outcome you deserve.

There are no costs at all unless we win the case for you
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