Getting Shot During a Hunting Excursion by the Vice President

Getting Shot During a Hunting Excursion by the Vice President


It started out as a beautiful day

The two men had both been hunting in groups for years, but this was their first outing together. They were walking through the woods when a rabbit jumped out and the men took aim, but it quickly ran away before a shot could be fired. They both heard a rustling sound in the bushes that they were passing and stopped to see if it was the rabbit. When a bird flew out of the bush, one mans reaction was to take aim and shoot. But, he did not factor in how close he was to his hunting partner and some of the pellets from the shotgun sprayed the face of the other man, leaving him in pain and he was rushed to the hospital.


Have you been the victim of a neglectful act like this one?

You probably remember when the vice president had a similar situation happen to him, and sadly hunting accidents are not an uncommon occurrence. But so many of them can be prevented with the right training, knowledge, and proper care when it comes to hunting safety. The pain and suffering that come with a hunting accident should not be ignored.


Should you involve an accident lawyer?

Your New York accident lawyer can help you understand what your options are in this situation. Even if you were injured while hunting with someone you trust, it is still in your best interest to involve a lawyer. Their knowledge and guidance is unmatched by others that you may enlist to help, and they will see that you’re properly compensated for your pain and suffering.


How will they fix the problem?

An accident lawyer in New York like Harnick and Harnick will be able to investigate the damages that occurred so you won’t have to stress about collecting evidence. They will thoroughly review your case and work hard to make sure you are taken care of in this difficult time. While many of the injuries are physically visible, there are some that are internal and cause mental anguish. Over time this can become a serious problem and your New York accident lawyer will factor this into your case.


When should you call?

You should call your accident lawyer in New York as soon as possible so the evidence is fresh and available. However, if the accident occurred in the past, it would still be wise of you to inquire and schedule a consultation to find out what can be done for you. Once you have finally made that first appointment with your New York accident lawyer, you’ll feel some of that stress leave you. Trying to take care of legal matters on your own is never recommended. You want to be backed by people who understand what it’s really like for you. Harnick and Harnick are just those lawyers. These two brothers will go to bat for you to give you every chance of receiving compensation for your pain and suffering and can move on with your life.

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