How Improper Ramps Can Cause Serious Injuries

How Improper Ramps Can Cause
Serious Injuries


The unforeseen accident.

The veteran had been in a wheel chair for years and was familiar with his normal routes, but when one of them was closed and he had to make a choice. He had to decide if he wanted to go the long way and use the ramps he was familiar with, or trust the the ramps on the path that would be a more direct route. He decided to go the direct path and ended up trying to maneuver down such a steep ramp he was uncomfortable, but it was the only option available to him. As he started to decline, his chair gained speed, and soon he was thrown from it because the ramp was just too steep to handle his wheelchair.


What can an accident lawyer in New York do for me?

Harnick and Harnick understand that when ramps are installed to make it accessible for disabled people, they are not always put in correctly. At times the ramps are too steep causing people to slip and fall. If you have found yourself in a situation where you have fallen down a ramp, then call your accident lawyer in New York today. A free consultation is waiting for you at 212-962-5065. There are a lot different areas that an experienced New York accident lawyer is going to work for you in, and there are many benefits they can offer you and your case. Below are just a few ways they can help make this difficult time a little more hopeful.


They know how to handle unique situations.

Slipping and falling going down or up a ramp can happen if you are in a wheel chair, on a bicycle, and even if you are a pedestrian walking (and the handrail is broken, don’t need this). Each situation is unique and it’s important that your New York accident lawyer listens to you and the details of your injury, both physically and emotionally.


They can investigate your situation.

When you hire an accident lawyer in New York like the brothers at Harnick and Harnick, then they will send the proper expert out to investigate the ramp and the location that you were injured at. This takes a lot of the work and stress off of you. Plus, you get the peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled in the most professional and appropriate way so you can move on with your life once everything has been resolved.


They can get you the compensation you deserve.

Once your New York accident attorney has done the proper research, they will let you know that you can make a claim, and then they will be able to move forward on getting you the compensations you deserve. Don’t think that having a capable accident lawyer in New York is a luxury. When you are injured it is usually imperative to involve a New York accident lawyer in order to get the compensation that you need to pay medical bills among other things, and make sure that what happened to you, doesn’t happen to other people. Taking action is the only way to get started.

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