Poorly maintained stores and property

Poorly maintained stores and property


When a day out shopping turns scary.

The woman and her kids were doing some back to school shopping and had a long list of items to get, but the large store had everything they needed and this afforded them the ability to make it in one stop. The store had recently changed the layout, and as they walked by the end rack of shoes, an elongated corner that had been improperly put together, cut the ankle of the woman causing her to fall into the cart, and left her children scared and running for help.

Injuries like this are not as uncommon as you think and a similar situation may have even happened to you. It’s important you contact an accident lawyer in New York like Harnick and Harnick to help you with your case. What are the signs you should look for that a store is neglecting to put your safety first.


You have fallen there before.

When you have had reoccurring issues with the store or landowner of the place you frequent, and have fallen more than once as a result of this, it is time to take action. A store that is consistently being poorly maintained and continually has object on the floor can allow the compensation you need in order to fully recover from your accident. Having a New York accident lawyer on your side is the best way to know if you are entitled to a monetary value for your injury.


You have noticed there are always things on the floor.

If every time you walk on the property of the store or other locations of services you use, and you see that there is always something on the floor blocking you from a clear path, and you have fallen due to this obstruction, then you should contact your accident lawyer in New York. Don’t feel that you should have seen it and been responsible for dodging what was left on the floor. Plus, if you have small children with you, your hands are full and shouldn’t have to worry about unnecessary objects in your path.


You have seen they don’t properly put together shelving.

One way that things can end up on the floor of a store is that they don’t have the proper shelving to hold the items they have, or they don’t put items on the shelf properly. This can cause items to easily fall off the shelves and land in the middle of the aisle. Or, even the shelving itself may be sticking out inappropriately causing you to get cut on the edges. Ask your New York accident lawyer today if you have a claim.


You’ve thought about contacting an accident lawyer in New York.

If you have had an injury that has left you feeling you might want to contact an accident lawyer in New York, then it is time to make that a firm decision and call today. A New York accident lawyer will provide you with the proper investigation into how your injuries occurred so you can get the proper compensation for your suffering. Call Harnick and Harnick today at 212-962-5065 for a FREE consultation. Let’s get the ball rolling so you can get back to your life.

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