The Danger of Falling Down Stairs

The Danger of Falling Down Stairs


Just another day at the office.

He decided to take the stairs because his doctor told him it was a healthy way to add exercise to his day. He made his way up the steps in the building his office was in. It wasn’t until his foot hit the puddle of water that he saw there was a crack in the ceiling causing a drip. He fell down the flight of stairs he had just climbed, and landed hard on the concrete pad below. It was an hour before anyone found him, and he was rushed to the emergency room with multiple injuries, leaving him out of work for months.

An accident lawyer in New York can help you if this, or a similar accident, has happened to you. You want to be sure you are with right lawyer that can help you start moving in the direction you need to in order to get the compensation you deserve. There are many ways a staircase should be properly maintained in order to keep you safe, but often they are overlooked and not as safe as you think.


Is the staircase I travel on daily safe?

A New York accident lawyer is going to know that there are parts of a staircase that must be properly maintained in order to ensure the safety of those traveling on it. While you might not see all of the signs that the staircase you are using daily is need of attention, someone with an expert eye will see the trouble spots that can be off your radar until you fall because of them. An accident lawyer in New York is going to hire the proper expert to attend to your case in order to know if a claim can be made.


What can a proper investigator see that I can’t?

There are many elements involved that can make a staircase a danger, and much of it is unforeseen to the naked eye. At times there are cracks in the staircase that are difficult to see and they collect water that can cause you to slip and fall. Also, the geometry of the steps can result in the staircase being too steep, and other times the is no intermediate handrail when their should be. Having someone properly investigate the engineering of the staircase will give the real picture of what happened to you when you fell.


Should I hire a New York accident lawyer if I fall?

When you fall down it is extremely important that you call an accident lawyer in New York. Many people think that if they have fallen down stairs it is because they are clumsy or it was their fault, but more often than you think it is because the stairs are not properly kept up with by the person who is charge of maintaining them. So if you fall down stairs call your New York accident lawyer right away.


Who should I call?

Harnick and Harnick have got your back when it comes to injuries that occurred due to falling down staircases. They are two brothers who know the laws, hire the proper investigators, and want to make sure that if you have a claim, that you get compensated for your injuries. Call these accident lawyers in New York today for a free consultation.

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